Rock On 2 – Review 

I know that making the actors in the film sing their own songs is the latest gimmick amongst film makers but can we please stop? For a film that revolves around music, the whole album sounds extremely dated and under produced. 

It’s been 8 years since Abhishek Kapoor made the first rock on and the film holds up really well even after almost a decade. One of the reasons that the first film worked was that it told a very simple story about a group of people who learn to put aside their differences and resurrect their friendship. 

This movie is directed by Shujaat Saudagar and one of the biggest flaws of this film is that it tells a story that nobody can relate to. Instead of making us care about the character’s by understanding them, he decides to try to make us care about them by making the characters go through experiences which are emotionally tormenting. This couldve worked if the movie did that in a way that’s believable and new. Instead, these events that essentially drive the plot of the film are overused film tropes. The fact that what drives this film has been seen so many times in other films makes this movie tiresome and inaccessible. I really wanted to like this movie because I did enjoy the first one but I couldn’t wait for this film to get over when I was watching it. 

The performances are passable and nobody stands out as the actors too are limited by the script. The additions to the original cast don’t bring anything worthwhile to the film and their characters are reduced to  being plot devices. A movie that had the potential to be great just came off as an unnecessary sequel. 
Grade: F


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