Dear Zindagi – Review 

This is Gaurie Shinde’s second film. Her first film, (English Vinglish) despite its simple plot and unflattering cast, resonated with the masses and turned out to be a major success. With Dear Zindagi, it seems like she’s done quite the same. She took a fairly simple plot and made a film that you will be able to (at least partly) relate to. 

Alia Bhatt plays a character who often feels the need to be in an intimate relationship and be able to share her life with another but finds it difficult to do so. She manages to be cause of the breakdown of all of her relationships with men. This film shows us how with the right guidance, she learns to face certain fears and facts of life and she does this with the help of Shah Rukh Khan’s character. 

The film manages to achieve what it wants for the most part. That being said, most of the first half is sometimes insufferable. This is due to some of the characters being severely underdeveloped and one dimensional. Throughout the film, there are a few scenes that do feel forced or induced. Some characters say things which are mainly there for us to make us feel like the protagonist is being attacked from all sides by the people in her life. That being said, the second half of the film is a lot smoother than the first. 

Alia Bhatt does a really good job. Every person who watches this film can at least partially relate to how her character feels. The reasons behind her being the way she is are accessible and don’t feel far fetched. Shah Rukh Khan is great as Jehangir Khan and he lifts up the films spirit the second he appears. 

The other problem I have with this movie is that some character arcs are handled in a way that seem like an easy fix and there isn’t any explanation given as to how these things happened. It does feel overdramatic for most of the first half but settles down after the second half commences. 

It’s a good film with a simple yet important message and you should check it out. 
Grade: B   


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