Rogue One – Review

We now have a more than competent Star Wars Prequel. What a time to be alive. 

Rogue One tells the story of the rebels who started the first fight with the empire by attempting to steal the plans of the Death Star. It follows Jyn Erso and a small team of people who decide to take it upon themselves to star the fight against the Empire. 

This movie is Directed by Gareth Edwards who in the past has shown how talented he is when it comes to handling films of a huge scale.  He is brilliant at showing the scale of things on the big screen and making him the director of this movie resulted in the best looking Star Wars movie I’ve seen till date. The cinematography is amazing and the way he filmed the space battles and even the more grounded battle sequences, makes for a really engrossing experience.

One of the main things that makes this movie different from the the original trilogy and The Force Awakens is the tone. This doesn’t have the playful tone that The Force Awakens did. What might bother some people is the lack of the sense of adventure which was prevalent in The Force Awakens and the original trilogy. 

The first half of the film introduces a lot of plot points for the different elements of the story and due to that it could come off as slightly disjointed and abrupt. But as the film goes on, all the little pieces fall in place effortlessly. 

All the action sequences in the movie are the best the series ever has had to offer. The space battles are extremely well filmed and absolutely relentless. It does feel like a film centered around all out war. 

This film also explains key aspects of the original trilogy that and fixes issues with those films by giving us more information about the events that take place during that time period. 

My favourite character from the movie was definitely K2, a reprogrammed droid played by Alan Tudyk who delivers most of the films humorous lines. Both characters played by Donnie Yen and Web Jiang were badasses and were at the center of some great action sequences.

It’s a really good movie and I feel like this film had more to offer in terms of substance than the Force Awakens did and felt like it was a bigger chapter in the Star Wars story. 
Grade: A


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