Rogue One – Spoiler Talk

If you haven’t seen this movie yet know that I will be discussing some aspects of the film which would take me into spoiler territory. You have been warned. 
Let’s talk about Darth Vader

Now he’s only in the film for about 5 minutes and I was really okay with that as they did use him well. In this film you do get to see why he’s so feared by everyone in the empire. When Orson Krennic goes to talk to him, you can see him stuttering and shaking in his presence. His menace was established near the end when we see him go full sith and butcher a bunch of rebels using his lightsaber and force powers and that scene was just perfect. 

The way that scene is filmed truly makes you feel the terror any individual would feel in his presence. 
The end of the film gets pretty dark where a large number of rebels die in order to transmit the plans of the Death Star. I do like how the movie ends about 10 minutes before A New Hope starts and also improves the films in the original trilogy. 

I liked the fact that this movie addressed a big issue with the original trilogy which most people had which was why it was so easy to destroy the Death Star and why would the makers of it give it such an accessible weakness. 

In this film it’s explained how the weakness was left there intentionally by Jyn Erso’s father so the rebels could exploit it and it was a weakness so small and effective that it wouldn’t be detected by the Empire and would take down the Death Star. I like how this film improves the films that came before it. 


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