Dangal – Review 

Watched it yesterday and I’d like to say that it’s a good movie. But that’s pretty much it.

You can sit through the entire film and find no flaws because it’s a ‘safe’ film. There was no room for error as the story itself is pretty simple. 

Look at anything Tom Hanks has made in the past decade. Most of those films are enjoyable and technically good films but none of them are truly excellent. They all have a straightforward plot and simple characters but there’s nothing that you haven’t seen before. Similarly, Dangal is a technically sound film. There are no flaws because there’s not much that could’ve gone wrong. The whole cast does a good job when it comes to performances and even the more physically demanding fight sequences are handled well by the actors and it looks credible. 

Perhaps the most disappointing part of the whole film was what the actors had to physically go through to prepare for this film. To make the fight sequences look credible, all actors went through extensive training for months to prepare for these roles. To their credit, the fight sequences look really great but was it worth it to endure so much pain for a film that turned out to be just okay?

 Aamir Khan himself gained an immense amount of weight to play the role of Mahavir Singh and then lost it all and built himself up again to play the younger version of the character who was on screen for a total of 5 minutes. 

It’s not a bad film but there’s nothing new here. If you look at the time and effort that it went into making this film, you’d want it to be nothing short of great but it’s actually just good enough not to be bad or boring. 

It is a technically flawless film. The fight choreography, cinematography, direction, music and acting are all on point but it fails to surprise you. I am also aware that there isn’t much room for change as it’s based on a true story but they could’ve made it better by decreasing the run time and making it tighter. 

TL;DR. Movie isn’t bad or great, just good. Technically flawless but doesn’t surprise you. 

Grade: B+


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I wonder what you look for in film for it to be better than just technically sound!


    1. Amil Prasad says:

      Well imagine this. If you’re asked to film a river and you have a lot of money and time to do so, you’ll make sure that you get the best camera equipment, excellent sound equipment and great lighting. You’ll have a beautiful shot of a river flowing from left to right. But it’s just a pretty shot of a river, you know what’s gonna happen. The river flows from left to right and that’s all it is. Similarly, this is film is technically sound as it’s well filmed, acted and directed but in my opinion it somehow didn’t feel special.


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